The Null Terminator

Ethan Ram’s geeky blog on the seam of technology and product management.


Hey All! I’ve been thinking about having my own blog for a while and now with my new job as a Chief Architect at Playtech’s I’ve decided ITS TIME. So what is this blog going to focus on? My views and contemplations on emerging technologies, products reviews and geeky ramblings in general.

What’s “Null Terminator”? The name refers to string memory layout in C programming language:  a string is a character sequence, each placed in a byte, terminated with a null character (”, called NUL in ASCII). An alternative name is ASCIIZ. The Null Terminator is (a) a low-level thing that is an important part of most software we use; (b) ppl cannot see it with a naked eye; (c) it identifies where the string (talk) ends, past the period; and (d) it’s just a null.

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Enjoy the reading and you’re welcome to leave constructive comments.



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